Monday, September 19, 2011

Percentage and future prospects of AeSI

A recent AeSI graduate emailed me with something like this.

I have completed aeronautical engineering in avionics stream after struggling for 8 years with less than 60%.

i am just worried about the percent i got.

Could you please give me any other suggestion.

Here's my reply.

First of all congratulation.

As I have written in many posts at myaesi, less percentage is a limitation but not a liability.

It limits options but doesn't kill them all together.

I hope you have, with all this time, become good at the subjects you have studied in aesi. That's important. Because if in the interview, no body can cross you on those fundamentals then no one will question the percentage.

Also I hope, by this time, you have picked up good skills. Technical and otherwise.

Technical and communication skills are the curtains that you will need to get past any interview panel. So cultivate them and become good at one particular relevant technical skill.

My motto is to be so good that they can't ignore you.

And Lastly, Respect the degree and the qualification that you have earned. It's yours. This is what you will go forward with. Your confidence in it should shine through. Any doubt you project will only hamper your progress.

Remember this if you don't respect it, No one else will.

Hope this helps you in your future steps. Best of luck !!

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