Friday, September 02, 2011

My Side Projects

I always talk about short personal side projects and somehow I fail to highlight them here on this blog. So this post is to amend that once and for all.

At any given time, I am at least working on two non work related, side projects. I choose the side projects that help learn me a skill, build something and are fun and interesting.

So where are these projects?

Most of them are in my hard disk. Unfortunately I haven't had the time to get them out. But I have began publishing some out.

Bringing out serves three purpose.
1. It helps get me some feedback.
2. It makes me feel good as I have contributed something to the world and
3. finally I complete the project if I know I have to publish it.

This post is to tell you that I post them on my personal website

So now you know, if I talk about side projects, where to look.

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