Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Can Dabbling in section A create a rich AeSI experience?

Read this today and it instantly clicked with me.

From my days in aesi and in my writings in myaesi, I have been giving
this same message.

Read it.

"A great use of dabbling is actually to discover the best long-term
commitments for you to make. So dabble for discovery. Then commit for

Dabbling is trying out different things. Giving randomness a chance.

This is what I ask students of section a of aesi to do. You have time.
So in section a, after your studies. Explore.

Do whatever takes fancy of you at that time. Don't worry if it will
help you in future or not. If you like doing it just try. Try things
out. More you dabble the better.

As the above quote says, this exploration will lead you to things that
you want to continue doing. So make a commitment and do them in
section b and beyond.

For me it was developing code, trying new things with it. And learning
about new future tech.

For me, Dabbling in section A did create a rich AeSI experience.

What are your views? What do you dabble in?

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