Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Journey as a student of AeSI is full of crossroads. A student at least
finds himself at these three crossroads.

First one is should I join AeSI or not? This is the very basic one and
this blog is littered with posts that try to answer this question.

Second crossroad is encountered at the end of section A. Which stream
do I choose for section B? This is a tough one and it was the quest
for this question that prompted me to start the ouraesi yahoo group 10
years back.

This topic is also well talked about in this blog, if you find
yourself at the same crossroad, search the blog with appropriate
search words and I hope you will find some answers.

The third crossroad happens just before graduating. Should I join the
industry or go for higher studies?

This one is not answered that extensivly on this blog. I will attempt
to answer this in coming posts.

Meanwhile, if you have any advice, comment and remarks on any of this
or other crossroads faced by an AeSI students, do pitch in....

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