Saturday, July 02, 2011

Campus for AeSI and Industrial Training after section B

To speed things up, today I will attempt to answer two questions that
were asked two weeks back.

If you remember, in my previous two posts I am attempting to answer
question that are present in every aesi student's mind.

Today's questions are

3) Is it true that without 60%marks in section b u wont manage a
industrial training?

My knowledge on this is limited as it concens the new syllabus. In old
times, if you have overall 60% AeSI provided you with a 6 to 12 months
On Job Training. But one can always take your own initiative and get a
on job training in nal, Hal etc

Anyone here who has more Information on this, can you please chip in.
Any info on this is most welcome.

4) Are there any companies coming for recruitment in convocation?
Unfortunately there is no recruitment at the convocation.

At the convocation you get your certificates, you get to meet some
aerospace personalities and two good meals. That's it. No recruitment
drive there.

But don't worry, there's a good news in this department. AeSIAA has
taken this up and it conducts a recruitment drive or campus for AMAeSI
graduates once a year. Last time we did the recruitment drive in AeSI
Bangalore office and two AMAeSI graduates were placed through it. This
year aesiaa wants to make this event more grand!!

And there's one another avenue where lot of recruiter's post their job
recquirements. Ouraesi yahoo group. Be a part of it and participate.

Hope this helps. Please feel free to leave your questions, remarks in

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