Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Effort and Learning

As a rule, the more effort you make, the more you learn.

It's true for studies, for any skill building and for acquiring knowledge.

It is with this in mind that collaborative student research program (CSRP) was conceived.

There's a common consensus that students of AeSI lack practical knowledge and to some extent it's true. For me it was definitely true.

I thought I had good knowledge and skill when I applied for NAL as a trainee. But latter realized how false those assumptions were. NAL was the time that I learnt the most, acquired varied skills and got close to what I enjoyed the most.

Working there wasn't easy but it sure brought me lot of benefits.

CSRP is designed with that goal. Mentor will choose a practical problem from his work or academic pursuits and collaborate with a willing student to solve that problem. A win win situation for both, mentors problem solved and student has a practical experience of working on an actual problem.

The program won't be easy. It's not for everyone. Not everyone who enrolls will get to participate. But I am sure it will be a great learning experience for anyone who chooses to participate in it.

Intrigued, please check www.aesiaa.org/csrp_aesiaa.html for more information and then shoot an email to csrp.aesiaa@gmail.com

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