Thursday, January 29, 2015

Calling AeSI Students for CSRP

Dear AeSI Students/Graduates,

If you aim to explore the area ( eg FEM, CFD etc) in which you wish to pursue your career you may try your hand at CSRP.

It costs nothing except your time & commitment.

If you are ready to go extra mile, extra efforts are needed.

At the end of this exercise you are able  to publish a paper, or
make a good repo with mentor, or got to know your mentor very well, or
know about industrial practices through informal discussions, or have an accurate view of the kind of work usually done in the industry

Under CSRP, You are ready with something instead of nothing when you graduate.

Also your mentor would be ready to write something once he works with you. A good LOR means a ticket to reputed universities. Our association for learning should continue. Getting degree is only beginnings, we have to travel more. Please pass to all in your amaesi circle.

Contact Sunil Morya, Rahul verma for further details as needed or 
write to

Please visit more details


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