Saturday, April 26, 2014

What the avionics industry wants?

"Most recent graduates do not know what industry is looking for!" This is how it all started.

Mr. Rajesh Chaubey was recounting his recent interview experiences with the Alumnus of AeSI. He is an avionics specialist employed at Honeywell with 10+ years of experience.

In the interviews, either the graduates were aeronautical graduates or software programmers. But none had the combinational skills that the avionics industry needs.

So the seeds of the lecture series and industrial tour were sowed.

The avionics and lecture series is an attempt to reconnect avionics in industry to the avionics students and graduates of aesi.

There is more to avionics than DO-178 etc.

So if you are an avionics graduate or are doing section b in avionics stream, don't miss this opportunity. The opportunity to hear from an avionics expert an what the avionics industry wants.

Register now by filling the form at this location.

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