Monday, April 14, 2014

Resumes and indicators

Anyone who drives a vehicle knows the importance of turn indicators.

A driver uses it multiple times when on the road. Turn indicators do not directly help in driving but they serve an important function that makes the entrie driving experience safe.

They indicate drivers intentions. Forewarn and make other drivers aware where you are intending to go.

Received 200+ resumes for the placement drive and found that most lack these indicators. All the resumes have all the required percentage, bells and whistles but most lack the clarity on where he or she is heading.

They have cfd, structure, design and everything. Confusing than clarifying

So next time you are updating your résumé, think indicators.

The placement drive will be happening during the last week of May. If you have sent your résumé with the correct subject line, it should be with the place drive team by now. Start preparing.

And if you haven't sent, you still have a chance.

With so many emails to sort, the first preference will be given to graduates who are members of AeSIAA.

Wait for a day or two. There's a task coming your way in connection to the placement drive. Stay tuned.

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