Saturday, August 10, 2013

Don't escape it... A tip from Chennai Express

Pritesh wrote an email in OURAeSI and I think readers of this blog would benefit from reading it, so here is it unedited. 

Best way to escape from your problem is to face them.-Shah rukh khan in CHENNAI EXPRESS.

Yes ,its indeed true...

I had seen many students in AeSI who drop the subject once they failed in it and excuse they make is ,YAAR BAAR BAAR EK HI EK CHIJ PADHAKE PAK GAYA HU (i am bored by reading same and same things) but the fact is that they are escaping from that subject .

In my case whenever i had anysubject back i took it as a challenge and prepare in such a way that however hard the exam paper may come, i should not get less than 50 .at this time you have all ready basic concept of the subject .you just have to make it strong and on that u can easily can make the strong building so u can score in that subject .

In case suppose you had dropped that subject than u have to clear it at the end of ur section A or B .By the time you allready had forgotten your concepts so u need to study them again and grasp it.

My many of friends had written single paper for almost 4 to 8 times and they are now doing well and pursuing their masters from NITs/IITs.

You too can do it but don't escape from papers and face them.

NOTE: dar sabko lagata hai lekin dar ke aage jit hai...

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