Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Hansa - a portable, high altitude, long endurance Drone

FICCI jointly with the Department of Science and Technology (Government of India), Lockheed Martin Corporation, Indo-US Science and Technology Forum, Stanford Graduate School of Business and the IC2 institute, University of Texas has initiated the India Innovation Growth Programme with the aim of accelerating Indian technologies in the global markets by assessing their scientific and commercial value.

As a part of this programme, team has identified a technology “Hansa – a portable, high altitude, long endurance Drone. Essentially it is an unmanned Airplane with about 2m wingspan and can be hand launched. It is made of Balsa wood and Fiberglass and weighs about 1.2 kg. It has a uniquely high payload capacity of 3 kg, which is highest for any drone of this weight category. It has GPS and Autopilot and can autonomously take off, follow a mission and land. It has got a unique day/night camera with 20x optical zoom, ability to detect and track a human from 1km distance. It can fly altitudes of 1km for about 4hours and can be controlled from up to 10km distance”.

You can access the video of the technology here:

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