Friday, March 22, 2013

Send a Resume But Don't Insult.

I am sure, 15 year ago, Sam was a smart boy.

He knew that he won't get the bat he wants to buy if he just blurts out the demand when his dad, tired from work, comes home. He knew he had to be patient, observe and judge his dad's mood. He had to be obedient and make sure he is on his best behaviour before the demand is blurted out to dad.

He was smart to engage his mother and persude her to be on her side, to push for him. And he knew if he played his timing right, dad will buy the bat for him.

Now 15 years hence, where is this common sense gone? When someone informs you that there is a requirement for a graduate of avionics, you don't think and just shoot that resume sitting on the desktop without a thought.

Many a resumes go unnoticed and uncalled for just because of this unprofessional approach. What message does this convey? Technically competent guy but such utter lack of professionalism in sending resume.

If you are referred to send a resume, at least think of the person who is receiving it, to forward to his or her HR department. Can your resume can be forwarded just as you presented? Does it has the relevance to match the requirement, and the format and content to stand out?

If this were happening 5 years back, when internet was expensive and uncommon, and only resume writing advice was available in some obscure magazine article or some books, then that was a different matter. But now when the world is connected, a resume is just a google search away and you have the means to research the company you are applying for, a thoughtless resume is no longer acceptable. Its an insult.

So my advice to Sam, Please bring back your smartness. You knew how to get that bat from your dad. Apply the same common sense to get that interview call.

Here's some advice on crafting a resume or Sending a proper resume. If you are graduating in near future, please read this few articles. They will serve you well.

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