Thursday, February 21, 2013

What You DON’T Know Can Hurt You: What you NEED to know about MISRA C:2012

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If you’re developing safety-critical applications, you can’t afford to take chances. But commercial pressures don’t go away just because you’re diligent. The latest version of the MISRA standard lets you take advantage of more C features while helping you mitigate risk for safety-critical automotive, medical, industrial or mil/aero applications.
Anyone developing software with the potential to put lives at risk has an obligation to take every reasonable step to ensure that the work is sound. Adhering to standards is one key step in that process, and MISRA is the internationally recognised foundation for best coding practises. But features of the language that are designed to increase application performance, developer productivity and implementation flexibility are often just the features that the standard disallows. MISRA C:2012 changes the game.
Many of the Aerospace companies use MISRA Coding Guidlines and Henceforth I'm sure Avionics students would like to know more about new standard’s release.  
Following immediately on the heels of the new standard’s release, Chris Tapp, chairman of the MISRA C++ Committee, member of the MISRA C Working Group and one of the authors of MISRA C:2012, will tell you what you need to know:
What will you learn?

  • How the new standard can help you make better decisions about the use of popular programming language features
  • How MISRA C:2012 provides backwards compatibility to protect legacy code
  • How the introduction of “decidable and undecideable” proscriptive rules will help focus your test efforts
  • The effect of introducing support for C99 on the MISRA C:2012 standard

  • Date : February 26, 2013
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