Sunday, February 10, 2013

AeSI students and graduates and organizing the tour to aero India show!

Organizing the tour to aero India show for aesi students taught me two things about aesi students.

Most need the communication skills of talking over phones. In this age, when phone is the first piece of device through which a prospective employer/client will contact you. Thankfully most of the students I contacted were good in this but I found some who were zero. I got to one Mr A for whom I had to cut the phone in the middle of the call or I would have started abusing him on the phone. He was worse than bad.

His voice and tone of his language was total gawar, to use an Hindi term. And if I had to picture him by the tone of his voice, he definitely was Raghu of MTV roadies. Rude. Obnoxious.

And the second thing that I found was email isn't the most effective means of communication. Speaking directly is. No the second thing that I found was that initiative pays. A small act rewards.

Because of the limited number of passes, we couldn't send everyone who registered for the event. We short listed 10 and then added 15 more as wait listed candidates. By the way we received close to 90 registration. Thanks for your interest.

But then how initiative payed a role in all this. When I was calling the people in the wait list, some declined and some declined giving a reason for not going to make it. And some took the initiative of sending an SMS to me about there details. This not only helped me in keeping track of them, but there initiative planted their name and number on my mobile and mind. So when any of the selected/ wait listed person declined, guess who got a call from me.

So these were the two lessons I wanted to share with you all.

Be professional while talking over the phone and take initiative. You never know when something connects to something. When a small act like sending an SMS ripples back.

So what's next, if you are one of the guys who has got the opportunity to be part of the aero India show through Aesiaa, please let us know how you enjoyed it. What we did good and what can be improved. And yes share your photos, we might add to the newsletter.

Anyways. I enjoyed organizing this and talking with so many young students and minds. Hope to meet you soon.

You can view some of my clicks of the aero show 2013 at

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