Sunday, September 16, 2012

Four super simple tricks to help you in your interview.

I shouldn't call them tricks, they are just techniques that anyone can apply to get the maximum out of the interview.

Talk in statements. When asked to talk about yourself and other personal questions, best way to answer is talk in statement. State the facts without any reason or pluff attached to it. think bullet points and state them as that.

For technical questions. Think satellite. Give a general answer first and then go to the specific. For the technical question, get to the basics and built your answer from there. Interviewer will appreciate the thought process even if your answers slightly off mark.

Be good. Be good at one subject that the requirements expect you to be. By good I mean really know that subject. you should be so comfortable with that subject so that you can easily converse in that subject for at least 30 mins non stop. If you cannot, you are not good at that subject.

Be interesting. This is the toughest bit but its has the maximum impact. If you have a passion for something and you have created or done something that you can demonstrate convincingly, you will be interesting.

The good thing of being or thought of interesting is, you don't need to be interesting in only a specific domain or subject. It can be anything under the earth and if you can prove it independently, you can get that interstingness factor.

The first two can be acquired in a short time and effort, but three and four takes time and consistent effort. There is no shortcut. So get started today. Earlier you begin, the better.

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