Saturday, September 08, 2012

An Interview that will help you.


Someone I know is going through an interview process and he was kind and generous enough to send me the list of question he was asked in his interviews.

So for the benefit of all, here are the question. For privacy reasons, identifiable data has been stripped and changed.

Yesterday I gave an interview in ABC company  for the post  AB Engineer. I've cleared all the rounds including the one taken by the Managing Director and my final interview is on Saturday. I don't know what will happen but I'll try my best. I'm sharing the interview questions asked by me so that It can be helpful for others through My-AeSI blog. 


- I developed good professional relation with the H.R. through LinkedIn so my first round was easy. He just asked me about my educational qualification & career objective. 


- Tell me something about yourself ?

- You have done engineering through correspondence mode so how did you manage practicals ?

- Tell me about the projects you have done during academics ?

- What is your career objective  ?

- What is Avionics and what all subjects have you studied in Section-B ?

- You have not made any aircraft related project, all of your projects are of Embedded & Robotics. Why ?

- Tell me about your strength ? 

- What is the role of embedded system in Aircraft ? 

- Where do you want to see yourself in next 5 years ?

- Being an engineer, Why are you doing M.B.A. ? 

Round-3 (With the Managing Director)

- I'm giving you 5 minutes. Let me know about you, your family, education, projects and all in detail. 

- Why are you interested in engineering management ?

- Even though there are thousands unemployed engineers in Bangalore so Why should I recruit you ?

- I'll be investing lots of money on you, projects, clients and all... After 6 months or 1 year, you'll learn the technology and join any other company. Why should I give you this opportunity ?

- How you can contribute to the field and the company ?
- Okay I'm assigning you a task. Have a look on our website, understand what we do ? and so on... and then send an email (letter) to the H.R. on "How can you contribute to this company ?"  If I like your letter, I'll call you for final session and It'll be around 30 minutes discussion. 

I've sent him the forwarded email. I hope I'll get a chance to give final interview. I'm sharing it so that It can be helpful for others.

Hope this helps everybody and don't forget to mention and send your thanks and good luck to the thoughtful guy who shared this information in the first place through the comments. I am sure he will be reading them.

Thank you.

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