Monday, February 27, 2012

Tips for Avionics students of AMAeSI

It has been proved in the last several years that Avionics is rocking. There are profiles who have completed their degree in just three semester with good percentage (65-70)%. I have seen profiles saying that avionics is the easiest stream as compare to other streams of AeSI.
Yes It's easy because of a fact that It's interesting, the modules and the topics always gives a real time feeling like "learning the concepts behind Instrument Landing System, how landing gears absorb shocks? , how a radar works ? and a lot......."
Relating the above fact to the profiles who fail in the session Dec.2011, or to the new comers... I wish to give few advice and I am confident that It'll work.
1. Have interest, interest and interest in every subject, every topic and every content.
2. Either do all topics with having excellence or DO FEW but WITH CONCEPTS ON FINGURE TIPS.
3. Practice atleast last 4 years (8 semesters) question papers. It's the most important thing to kiss success and to score high.
4. Don't just learn anything without understanding (ratta marna), For Example : You have solved all questions of D.C.Network theorems but you don't know "Does resistance have polarity or not ?" or "What a capacitor does ? "
5. There will be time when you'll not be able to find the solution of a question/objective, try to google it or take senior's help.. but remember a fact that before entering inside the examination hall... you should know ALL solutions.
6. Diagrams, Flow Charts, Graphs and Plots help a lot in garnishing your answer sheets.
For Example : In the latest pattern of Control System question papers, you'll find one theory question and one numerical in a 20 marks question. So the approach of garnishing helps you in gettting 20 out of 20 and trust me It happens.
7. Those who are in the 4th semester of Sec.B, start networking, join groups like AeSIAA, Linkedin , my-aesi and all.... It'll help you to be confident and to wipe the worries of the jobs.
8. Try to google what a company wants from a fresher, which are the companies who welcome freshers and a lot.... Do Analysis and start having excellence in the skills so that by the time when you will finish your degree, you'll have a job in your hand.

Good Luck to all students of AMAeSI !!!!

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