Monday, February 27, 2012

Three Things.......

Three Things for an AeSI Graduate

Congrats to everyone who graduated from AeSI this semester.

As you enter the next phase I would like to take this opportunity to add these three things to what Himalya has touched upon in his last post.

1. Respect your degree. You have worked hard for it. Respect it now. Yes you weren't treated well or felt unwelcome, but now is the time to take pride in it. If you have cleared AeSI, you are one of the best in your profession. Always remember, if you don't respect it, no one else will.

1. Be good at one subject. This is of utmost importance not only from the point of view of interviews but in making it the stepping stone for future success. We cannot be good at everything, but we can always be better at one thing. Find that niche and dominate it. Dominance and solid command in one subject or skill pays rich dividend, so cultivate it now.

1. Network. Join AeSIAA, linkedin, ouraesi etc and build your influence. Network is not just contacting seniors with requests. True networking means contributing in the community, taking initiatives, raising your hand in voluntary activities, and helping people in your joined community. That's networking.

Yes there is no typo. All this points deserve no 1. They are the three pillars you will need, to STAND out in your next phase after AeSI!

Congrats once again and Be a star!!

Tips for avionics students of AMAeSI.

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