Thursday, October 06, 2011

Which two skills do an AeSI graduate need?

Everytime I do an interview, I keep hiting on these two thoughts.

Get your fundamentals right. Even if you don't have tools-knowledge,
right skills or relevant experience, but DON'T EVER falter in your

AeSI might not have given you much exposure, many hours of hands on
training opportunities, but what it grinds in everyone of us is the
fundamentals. So learn them and internalize them. Remember them.

Get them wrong and you will have a hard time getting a job via an

Second thing is communication skills. Communication is just not
answering what has been asked, but expressing what you know.

It is the biggest differenciator. You might get away with limited
technical skills, but you will falter if you lack communication skills.

So if you have to just concentrate on two things for your future, let
this two to be it!!

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