Saturday, October 29, 2011


Family is important. So are friends. More so in the aesi setting we
are in when we all are far from our extended families.

AeSIAA recognizes this and we have planned to unite all our alumni
friends, and buddies on 12th November at DROMI, DRDO Phase-I.

It is Post Dipawali meet... and we call it "AeSIAA-FEST-2011"

For this event we will have cultural programs like singing, dancing,
mimicry, playing a musical instruments and dinner.

Kids of your friends and collegues will perform and it will be a
evening to remember.

For registration, please click the link below...

Fee per participant is Rs. 200

So lets meet on 12th November 2011, @ 6.30PM

Register now and see you there!

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