Thursday, November 11, 2010

Posting frequency and one exam study tip

From the post frequency, you can determine that I am quite busy with
things other than the blog.

In fact, I am not busy but I am in fluid state of lots of travel and
being in Indian weddings!! So am not able to find any time to sit and
post anything substantial for you.

Hope this explains the gaps of posts. Will resume the regular
programming once I get past this state by the end of this month!!

By the way, here's a simple tip to accelerate your exam preparation.

Speed up your pace of study. Read more quickly, write at increased

Increase your pace. Just speeding up and working at more than the
normal rate has two effects. It will save you time as you will cover
more in the same time. Since you are studying a pace not your normal,
brain will work extra to caputure and won't fall to it's default mode.

So get going, if you are giving this semesters amaesi exams, best of

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