Thursday, November 18, 2010

How to get previous or old AeSI Question Papers?

"How to get previous or old AeSI Question Papers?"

This is the most frequent query that I get on the blog. I am no longer
an AeSI student so my knowledge in this is outdated, but I am sharing
it here in the hope that students who know better can post the correct
method in the comments.

In my days, we had two methods of getting AeSI's old question paper.

1. Directly from AeSI new Delhi
2. From GIE

AeSI used to charge a fee per
Paper and it couriered you the papers for the subject.

GIE had a bundle of these papers and one can just walk in to Gie
office and collect it from there by paying a nominal fee.

So that's it. I used GIE to get my papers.

please do let us know if there's a better alternative.

Best of luck

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