Thursday, February 08, 2007

Why learn programming?

Yesterday as I was researching on FORTRAN and stumbled along a nice little article titled same as this post. As my friends will tell you, I have more than academic interest in this subject , so went along and read the whole piece and liked most of what it said. And I think it answered one of the basic question that I knew I knew but was not able to explain when people asked me why do you like programming? Well my answer then and still now is that. Programming is like magic and I love the sense of joy and wonder that come to peoples face when I showed my nifty although small programs to my peers, elders and all. That's what I liked and as I joined NAL, there I saw that just like John Mahaffy from The Pennsylvania State University said it increased my personal productivity. I was doing the analysis, design and the work I was supposed to more effectively and faster. And I am glad that I know programming as its not only for software engineers but everyone who  wants to better utilize our time and effort.



A friend of mine is in SAFRAN and he joined as a design engineer and mainly working with CAD tools and he recently said that his team is being trained in Visual basic and that perhaps might be the reason for it........



Anyway enough of my chatter, you might want to read what Professor John Mahaffy of The Pennsylvania State University has to say on this, so get going man, here's the link. It’s really good



Ps: most of my chatter is available at  I am regularly updating the same. Anyone who has been to the aero show? Please do send us your inputs, your views on what you liked and didn’t like!


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