Monday, February 19, 2007

Presenting ENEWS from the 58th AGM !!!

Hi folks


 Well I am back from the AGM and lot has happened there and speaking about myself, i would say i have enjoyed every bit of the AGM. From the boring lectures to the heated interactions in the AGM with its members in regards to students, marks and fund distribution, I have seen them all and I will be writing more about it as I get time and things come up.


 But today I am here to tell you about a new initiative that has been launched for the aerospace community by the AeSI. An ENEWS BULLETINE HAS BEEN LAUNCED. Here's the reasons why it is out directly from the editorial team of Enews.....




"Considering the spectacular achievements in aeronautics and aerospace coupled with the growth in civil aviation in the Country, the Council of the Aeronautical Society of India has decided to issue a monthly e-news to up-to-date developments to its Members and Professionals. The launch of the e-news marks yet another step taken by the Society in the dissemination of information for its over 9000 Members, Corporate Members, Companions, Industries and Institutions involved in the field of aerospace sciences and technologies. The e-news also provides a platform for individuals to seek and offer career opportunities. Industries and institutions can showcase their products. The monthly e-news is managed by a team of dedicated aerospace professionals and hopes to fill the gap of ever growing opportunities and demands by continuous real-time interaction. It is our hope that the aerospace professionals, institutions and industries committed to the growth of aeronautics and space sciences will contribute significantly to the ‘e-news’ service of the Society and make it an interesting and purposeful interactive forum."



I hope all this good work survives, the intentions are good and I hope that the action works out well for this whole thing, as I have seen AVIA, a newsletter from AeSI, die a slow death!!!!



So what are you waiting for folks hit to and grab your Enews!!!


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