Saturday, May 16, 2015

Be a member of "Aero Club" on Whatsapp

IMPORTANT : AeSIans group on whatsapp.Very useful to all as it share information of AeSI job opening,knowledge sharing.Will suggest everyone to be member of that group.Group is well monitored by Mr Praveen Pratap Singh.No spam or not irrelevant post other than AeSI is allowed in group.

Announcing "Aero Club"

Yesterday yet again, a relevant discussion happened on our whatsapp group Aero club. And it again gave a satisfaction of being the admin of group and that group is serving  its purpose. It's been 1 and half year and honestly I had no clue that this group will last long. With I guess some 10-15 of my friends on what's app I started this group with idea of discussing issues of society, sharing notifications regarding jobs, technical events, internship, etc. And important news related to aerospace field.
I believed that we people of AeSI can actually help each other sharing such important things and can actually resolve many of the problems that we are facing and can work on bringing change which we want. And for that we need unity.

And So I started this group and started sharing everything that I felt relevant for society people, and yes it benefited all of us in group. In fact, last year mr. Rahul Verma send an application to society for improving the quality of marksheet. We made it success. Group has got us support from many of them.
And there today this group has 60+ ppl. I am amazed. And I am happy, something I started and got support of friends and that helped me and many of U in the group, directly or indirectly. I thank one and all for this trust and integrity. Now I am thinking to expand this group and so here is the announcement.
Text"your name_Join Aeto club" at 9543185418, if U want to join the group. But read does and donts b4 that.

Does and don'ts
1.  Jokes or other forwards. (Don't)
2. personal chats. (Don't)
3. politics or cricket. (Don't)
4. Discussions and Queries (Do)
5. Job notifications (Do)
6. Informative and resourceful content( Do)
7. News about technical events, seminars, internships, project (Do)
8. Technical news, scientific news (Do)
9. Personal photo etc. (Don't)
10. Anything regarding AeSI, aerospace field, higher studies, software learning etc. (Do)

Your Faithfully
Praveen Pratap Singh

P.S: I also request our seniors/Friends working in different organizations/ studying in different institutes to pass any such information which can help our aesi community grow.

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