Sunday, May 04, 2014

Nobody owes you a job

Nobody owes you a job

Received many résumés from graduates who has passed out a year ago but their resumes says nothing. It looks like the résumé of a freshly minted graduate.

No applied projects or demonstration of knowledge and skill? Just a mere listing of the subjects, software and skills.

No one owes you a job? Just because you graduated doesn't mean you will get a job.

The recipe to get a job is simple. Give something of value.

Skills + Knowledge = job

Your graduation gives you the latter but you need to acquire skills.

Skills just mentioned do not have the same value as the skills that have been applied.

Mention of an applied project related to ANSYS fairs far better than just the mention of ANSYS in the software known section.

Mention of Catia in the project related to uav modelling carries more weight than Catia mentioned in software known section of the résumé.

Projects, academics or professional, using varies softwares gets more attentions than the mere mention of their name.

Some might say, I learnt the software from an institute but didn't get an opportunity to use it. Who stopped you?

If the world doesn't give you an opportunity, if you are really interested, no one is stopping you to do an open source project or something on your own.

The web is an opportunity. Not many utilise it.

So if you are a fresher, instead of shooting "Can I get a job?" emails to 10 random seniors, survey the landscape where you want to work. Identify the technical skills that are sought by the industry.

Cook up a project related to those skills and start learning. And keep at it for 90 days and then send your resumes.

There is no other way.

On a side note, registration for the placement drive is still on. This is an excellent opportunity for freshers and experienced aeronautical engineers, so If you haven't registered yet, do so now.

Click this link to register.

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