Sunday, October 27, 2013

How to prepare for M.S. interview…?

Firstly I would like to congratulate to everyone who had received interview call letter for M.S.(By research ) from IIT Madras…..As you had already received call letter for interview that means 50 % of selection is in your favour ,now to make 50 to 100 % you have to prepare nicely for the interview.

Unless in the case of M.Tech. Where admission solely depends upon your GATE rank rather than your interview , M.S. is the case where interview matters the most .So here it goes,

Tip 1: 1st make up your mind , In which specialization you want to work weather its structure, fluid, propulsion.

Tip 2 : Go through all the basics of the specialization .for example : if you wish to do MS from thermal than you must be well in 1st law,S.F.E.E.(steady flow energy equation) and its application,2nd law,3rd law,what is Cp,what is Cv,unit of Cp.This simple simple thing matters the most…..all they want to know is your basics is right or not ……for fluid : study continuity equation,momentum equation ,energy equation,bernoulli's equation ,fluid statics ,kinematics and dynamics .again MAKE YOUR BASICS CLEAR.

Tip 3 : If you don't know anything which they had asked ,tell them frankly that you don't know or you had studied but you are not getting it right now…..DON'T TRY TO MAKE THEM FOOL BY GIVING RANDOM ANSWER by this way you are just decreasing your chances of selection .

Tip 4 : Don't feel nervous for the interview .they all will make you friendly by asking some personal questions .

Tip 5 : In case you get stuck ,while you are giving answer they may help you by suggesting some things so keep your ears open and listen to each and every word they are saying attentively .you can also ask for their help ….

Hope it had helped you to get some insights of the interview.
If you had another question than feel free to ask me…


Modi Pritesh

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