Monday, September 23, 2013

It's not just your talent........ Interview Tip

Getting a job isn't just a function of your talent and skills. It depends on one more important thing. It's your attitude. 

An interview actually isn't there to measure or ascertain your skills, experience or knowledge, but interview is a silent assessment of your attitude. In the sidelines, it measure what's your attitude? Are you positive or negative person? Is he/she adaptable? Etc.

And it's not just me, even the marketing genius Seth Godin says getting a new hire is actually a hunt for attitude and not talent.

…it's not really a search for talent. It's a search for attitudeThere are a few jobs where straight up skills are all we ask for. Perhaps in the first violinist in a string quartet. But in fact, even there, what actually separates winners from losers isn't talent, it's attitude.

Remember this whenever you are attending an interview, be it on telephone or in person. 

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