Sunday, December 30, 2012

Life without Aim !!!!

Day 1 :
Someone from an University called me and asked guidance about Avionics. He said that he is doing research from last 7-8 years but he is not able to connect with right person who can help him in converting his vision into reality.

He told me that he meet with engineers of various DRDO laboratories but didn't get any response. Add on to it he also told me that he looks forward to connect with right person in the industry who can support his project and give direction in a positive way.

Day 2:
After my AeSI Alumni Association's meeting, I meet him. We ordered fresh juice with sandwich and our discussion started. I was very excited to meet this person and to know more about his research. Trust me he was very energetic and I was able to see a "Can Do!" spirit in his face.

BUT suddenly my expectations turned into ashes.

Based on his projects, I found that he is very much interested in Aircraft Navigation, Instruments and related Avionics. I asked him if you love Avionics and want to make your career in Avionics so why are you doing internship in CFD ?

He replied that my college told me to do the same.

I don't want to name such universities but yes, I know 2-3 universities in North India where I have noticed similar education pattern. Irrespective of the area of interest, students join some softwares and after finishing the course, they realized that it's nothing to do with my area of interest.

Conclusion : Let's walk together and help the industry. Whenever you see something wrong or fraud anywhere, Stand and raise your voice. Be United !!! 

God bless all

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