Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Intelligent Vs Fool !!!!!


Couple of days back I've posted below mentioned question in Aeronautical Society of India's Facebook page (not official) and I got strange replies as a comment which I'm sharing it here.

Post : Does being an engineer mean working on industry softwares, testing & verifying it to a specific standard?
Let us know your definition of an ENGINEER?

Replies :
# common lives by wat nature gives him. But an engineer lives by taking wat he wants from nature & he will mould it as he wants.
# An engineer is a person who does any work that simplifies life!!
# Invent new machines for development and prosperity, engineer is the one with a lot of whys.
# Engineer is a Person who is dedicated to pushing the frontiers for scientific and engineering excellence.
# How many young engineers are getting the chance of dedicating their lives to Research and Development ???
# i am doing my engineering not for the sake of job and not for the sake of salaray . i want to prove my self to the world what iam and who iam . definetly there will be one day i will make history.

Another set of replies & discussion :
A : one who graduates from aesi is the real engineer. rest r mechanics
B : @A What do you know about mechanics.. ? I am a mechanic.
H : for the comment of Engineers Vs Mechanics ... We should respect each others profession.
A : @H And sorry, I cant respect AMEs. (Aircraft Maintenance Engineering)

I don't want to comment on the above discussion. Let's discuss and let MyAeSI know it it right ?
Shouldn't we respect AMEs and other professions?
I agree that AeSI teaches us a lot and gives us expertise in theory concepts but it doesn't mean that others are fool and they don't know anything.

I might be wrong henceforth requesting you to please share your experience/feedback as a comment.

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