Saturday, December 31, 2011

Be winner _ Group Discussion

Group discussion is a part of interview in many organization, I personally feel that by referring some below given points we can win GD. It should be controlled by logic and arguments not by emotions. Isn't it ?

Tool A
It will increase the weight of your arguments

  • Point—Put your point of view in front of the group. It’s not necessary that your point should be different from others’ points. But it should be on well defined assumption. Your initiate will not provide your leadership quality but your thought process and how people accept your point.
  •  Logic – Explain your logic behind that point. The logic will close all options for invalidity of your point. The acceptability across the member of the group will be lesser.
  • Example – Support your logic with some facts and figures. When you will support your point and logic with examples, this will be the moment when you convince most of the people in the group.
 It looks simple but it has a sound psychological background. It will help you to control the members of the team.

Tool - B
It should be used when you are not the initiator in the GD and have fewer points to discuss. It is used when the topic is unexpected.


  • Don’t speak in the start up (for 45 seconds) and just listen to others.
  • Notice all the point of views (with facts) spoken by the team members. Synthesis the information.
  • Now after having point of view with facts of majority of the team members you will analysis the collected data and give it a different meaning from all team members but should support their facts. There might be more than one analysis.
  • Value the analysis by prioritizing them.
  • Add the suitable examples and put your argument.
Influence the people all together and make them listen to your words. This can be done by speaking facts rather then judgments. Now the next thing will be to influence the main opponents who are challengers. There are two strategic ways to do it. Either convert majority towards yourself or make him react. If four in a group of five are in your favour then you need not to worry. If the fight is when you have only 50 percent people in your favour then attack the weakest member of that group to join you or make the opponent react so as to prove him weak. Execute the above steps in a sequential way. You will win the group discussion.
I hope that it will help you a lot at the time of interview.

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