Sunday, November 06, 2011

Accelerate your tool learning by ten times.

Working on a tool is easy. Once you learn it, you are done. You just
have to follow the steps.

But this isn't correct. True learning begins after this stage.

Once you feel confident about the tool that you learnt, stop what you
doing and start thinking of the individual steps.

Yes slow down. Once you are comfortable with the tool, slow down and
think of each step.

Why you are doing this particular step? What is the limitation of this
step? When will it be not feasible to apply this step? What other
steps you can take?

To give a concerete example, when you are doing an analysis in Ls-
dyna. Stop and think why the analysis is not being done in ansys?

Stop and ponder what can be the implications of doing this analysis in
some other software?

When choosing an element for your analysis, dig deep and probe why you
are using this particular element?, what is it's advantage and
limitations? Is there any better element to use?

Slowing down and finding the answers to these questions will
accelerate your tools learning by ten fold!

Are you using any other strategies. Do let us know in the comments.

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