Wednesday, March 14, 2007

WALK-IN man!!!

Seriously, how many of you take these walk-ins seriously. How many of you use the news and get going/ from what I have seen and noticed, most of the aesi guys shrug from these walk-ins. In first 2 or 3 walk-in people walk-in but after that they get a weird idea that the walk-ins are fixed and they just done to show foreign clients that these things are moving in the company!! Maybe it might be true in some cases but not every time. I don't believe people at the company will spend there Saturday and Sunday just like that, there definitely is some need, otherwise no requirement would have come.


Anyway without getting into this issue, I am here to tell you the experience of one Mr. P, I can’t use his name as I need his permission to include the name... So a little background, just like many aesi guys, he was doing an unpaid training in a R&D institution here in Bangalore, he was doing good work and even though he has shown his capabilities there and was efficient and doing work no one gave any thought for the guy and as the one year term neared its end, he was feeling the heat of no work and no job that will come in a week time. So he began going to any walk-in that was advertised in the papers. He even went to the one that was related to his field but they wanted an experience greater than he had and you know what, he got through in a reputed Indian firm with one walk-in which he just went because he had the day pass of the bus on that day!!!!


So all I can say is don’t miss an opportunity of walk-in, your previous failures, experiences and other things won't count. If you need a job, then do go for this walk-in, needless of whatever that is holding you back. Sometimes it’s the cold feet of facing a interview that inhibits us, But from my personal experience i tell you, by all means go, you will always end up learning something from it!!!



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