Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Silent aircraft initiative

Well folks, do you remember anything that happened in 2003, well i don't as a matter of fact but then one news i do remember which about designing a silent aeroplane. And today that silent airplane concept was revealed to the world. Back in 2003, Cambridge university and MIT university took the initiative to reduce aeroplane noise and they have finally came up with a concept aeroplane that not only reduce noise significantly but also reduced fuel consumption. So the silent aircraft initiative have bearded fruit. To know more about it just google the silent aircraft initiative. Well as aeronautical engineer and students its apt to tell you that the findings are very common. Please do search and read more about it, as i feel that a quieter aeroplane is the need of the hour. You don't how much it disturbs me when an aircraft takes off when i'm talking to my girlfriend! :) so perhaps in next twenty years the next generation won't have to deal with this problem that i face now.

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